Exhibitor Testimonials

"It's easier to prepare for this type of show because you can focus on the company's product line and prepare relevant products/information for the attendees."
David LeMay - Market Development Mgr.
Research and Development
Leprino Foods
"Ingredient Tops has provided provided a targeted audience not possible at conventional trade shows. The direct access to potential customer's entire team at their location would take a significant investment in direct resources. T&G facilitates this in a single event with professionalism and measurable results. Give it a try; we did and have come back for several other events "
Tyler Jones - Vice President of Sales
Pacific Harvest Products
"It is T&G Ingredient Tops that brings a close connection and specificity between the customer and supplier. We have gained insights to typically un-discussed ideas and solutions by attending the ingredient tops show."
Glenn Demerrit
MGP Ingredients
"The cost of displaying at the show was definitely worth it. We counted many high quality contacts at our booth. Decision makers, formulators engineers! It was the best show dollar for dollar we have attended."
Chris Proulx - Senior Scientist
"Our goal was to get in touch with key-employees at the [Host Company]. Next to that we wanted to learn more about the [Host Company] relation-matrix. And we wanted to educate the [Host Company] about our product range and possible applications. We exceeded our expectations."
Casper Ravesteijn
Purac America
"Ingredient Tops Plus helps expand the contact base of our customer's...Ingredient Tops Plus allows for a much wider range of contacts, including many of the 'hands on' people who will be testing our new products."
Normand Chabot
SPI Polyols
"We have met lots of great contacts. One of the best shows so far."
Jennifer Kosse
Dairy Management Inc.
"This will definitely lead to sales here at [Host Company] which we might not otherwise have obtained."
John Vielhaber - District Sales Manager
Nilfisk - Advance
"It was good that we participated and it enhanced our sales effort. We also uncovered new opportunities to go after."
Ron Schifsky
Butter Buds Food Ingredients
"This exhibition was received by our company very well. We had very high level detailed follow-up."
Albert Reiley
Omega Protein
"I personally appreciated the quality and professionalism of the TOPS exhibitions."
Denis Desvignes - Business Unit Manager – Food
Beghin Meiji
"Bringing our firm into a better sales environment than we would typically experience at a large trade show or exhibition...Most recent table top attended was efficient, well targeted use of time and dollars...Look forward to participating again."
Jack E. Walker - Marketing Sales Manager
MGP Ingredients
“Very good venue…works very well for us”
Tate & Lyle

“We are so big that this presents all kinds of opportunities to show all of our ingredients and capabilities. Things are constantly changing, if we didn’t think this was a good idea we would not be participating.”

Kerry Ingredients
“We prefer this format because it’s specific, focused, and efficient.”
“YORK Label has participated in tradeshows hosted by Tops and the results have been great. We have had the opportunity to network extensively and to meet our future clients in person and to listen to their needs.”
Makiko Hultz – Marketing Program Administrator - York Label
“The opportunity to meet so many key people and the exposure…it’s priceless in itself”
Joey Rudnicki – Senior Account Manager – Chr. Hansen
“TOPS approach to helping connect with all departments within the companies they supply could best be described as a rifle approach as opposed to a shotgun approach. The marketing dollars are targeted towards one key customer instead of scattered over 1000’s of companies as occurs at larger trade shows.

Many companies limit travel budgets for R&D departments. As a result, many developers may only be able to attend a general food show once every 3 to 4 years. By bringing the show to the company, everyone can afford an hour to go see what is new and exciting from current suppliers.

Finally, your shows have a theme or focus which is determined by the customer. Hence suppliers come to the show with ideas and concepts which appeal to each customer’s strategic objectives making the time spent by both parties much more productive.”
Mike Rettinger – Global Account Development Executive – Sabroso Company
“Opportunity to meet a variety of staff at these events. Variety includes areas of responsibility (R&D, Nutrition, marketing, etc) as well as different levels within those areas. We have met key people at these events that we may not meet in regular sales calls. Some events are attended by international staff members, which is an added bonus.’ ‘Introduce new concepts/products –show prototypes of finished products and success stories worldwide.’ ‘Talk with marketing/product innovation.’”
Marion Burton - Associate Marketing Manager – Ocean Spray
“We like the availability of meeting numerous people throughout the company in one central location. It is great to have product developers, researchers, and marketing available at the same time/day/event.”
Hope S. Hale – MS, RD, CD – OmegaPure
“From my perspective, the value of participating in a TOPS event, even as a strategic supplier, is that it creates an opportunity for interaction with new people or brands within the customer’s organization. Each opportunity that individuals or organizations have to share ideas outside of normal business practices can lead to great opportunities for both sides.”
Sara Garcia McCormick – Senior Account Manager – The Solae Company
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